Council and Committees

Council and Committees

Council and Committees

    The Council

        •The Church Council will include 1 voting representative from each of the following Standing Committees: Property; Faith & Worship*; Finance; Outreach & Social Action ; Pastoral Care; Ministry & Personnel; plus 1 representative each from the UCW, Men’s Club, Trustee Board, Youth and 2 Presbytery representatives.

        Note: The Faith & Worship Committee* would look after matters previously done by the Faith Development Committee which included Worship and
        Christian Development matters.

        •In addition to the Order of Ministry, Church Council Executive would include the following elected positions: Minister, Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Church Clerk.

        • Each of the core Standing Committees would require a minimum of 3 elected persons.

        The Ministry & Personnel Committee has 6 elected members. Each of these core Standing Committees would be encouraged to add additional volunteer members to assist them in their various committee functions/projects. These persons could assist on a short term basis and not necessarily for a full year. . Also, they and would only need to attend meetings when appropriate.

        •Elected members to the Church Executive or to the respective Committees would serve for a maximum of 4 years and then they would take a mandatory year off. However, if they so desired, they could still assist on a voluntary basis with whatever project/committee they prefer. The exceptions to this would be the position of Treasurer, who would remain in that position until the person resigns and the Ministry & Personnel Committee members who are elected for a maximum of 6 years on a two year rotation.

        •Each Standing Committee would meet monthly, or less often, if they can do their work effectively. Normally there would be no July and August meetings.

        •The Church Council would meet five times on a regular basis i.e. March, May, September, November, January but could meet at the call of the chair if necessary. These meetings are normally on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

        •No elected person could serve on more than one Standing Committee.

        •An executive member could serve on one Standing Committee or Sub Committee in addition to the executive role.

        •No member of the executive would serve as a chair of a Standing Committee.

        •A person who is an elected member of a Standing Committee could assist on other committees for ad hoc special purpose tasks.

        •The Church Council may appoint ad hoc teams to undertake special tasks. E.g. A Fellowship Team could be formed to undertake certain specific roles such as Noon Hour Luncheons, the Church Bazaar, etc.

        •Any member or adherent of the Church is entitled to attend Church Council meetings as an observer.

    Other Representatives

        Other Representatives on the Church Council appointed by their respective groups

        United Church Women

        •Represent the United Church Women’s organization on the Church Council
        •Communicate information to the Church Board regarding any activities organized by the UCW

        Men’s Club

        •Represent the Emmanuel Men’s Club on the Church Council
        •Communicate information to the Church Board on any activities organized by the Men’s Club

        Trustee Board

        •Hold property in trust for the use of the congregation and for the purposes approved by the Church Council
        •Work with the Property Standing Committee to ensure that the property is maintained in good order and to permit the use of the church building by others
        •Arranges for suitable insurance coverage and review it annually
        •Work with the Finance Sub Committee to submit financial plans for the retirement of mortgages and other capital debts to the congregation and to receive and disburse funds for the payment of principal and interest

        Youth (when appropriate)

        •Represent the interests of the Youth of the congregation

    Church Council Executiive

        * indicates an elected position

        * Chairperson
        •Prepare an agenda and preside at all meetings of the Church Council.
        •Prepare a submission to the Annual Report
        •Serve as an “ex officio” member of all committees

        * Vice Chairperson
        •Be familiar with the Chairperson duties
        •Assume the duties of Chair if that person is unable to be present or is unable to carry on those duties
        •Carry out specific duties as requested by the Chairperson.

        * Secretary of the Church Council•Record and prepare for distribution the minutes of all Church Council meeting.
        •Attend all Church Council meetings
        •Distribute to the members before each Church Council meeting the agenda, the minutes of the previous Church Council meeting plus any other relevant information. This distribution would be done at least one week prior to the upcoming meeting and would be done electronically as well as by hard copy.

        * Treasurer
        •Keep an accurate accounting of all bills and expenses and see that these are paid upon approval.
        •Maintain appropriate bank accounts required by the Church.
        •Prepare regular monthly financial statements.

        * Church Clerk
        •Keep a historical record of yearly membership for EUC and the UCC
        •Maintain a running record of membership - current record of resident and non-resident members and adherents
        •Oversee Church Visitor Groups - emails - mailing lists communication strategies
        •Assist with membership and baptism ceremonies and validate the same, through signature as Clerk Of Church/Session
        •Coordinate the Sacrament of Communion
        •Associate member of Pastoral Care - Worship and Christian Development
        •Fulfill other duties in accordance with the Manual of the UCC

    Ministry and Personnel

        •This Committee consists of six members who will be elected for a staggered three year term which is not renewable.
        •Act as a support and liaison between all paid personnel and the other members of the Congregation.
        •Review working conditions, remuneration for paid personnel and make recommendations to the Church Council
        •Oversee the relations of paid personnel to each other and to the member of the Congregation and others.

    Finance Committee

        • Prepare a annual budget for administration and salaries as well as requests from the Standing Committees;
        • Keep and supervise the book of accounts for all church funds;
        • Approve expenditures before payment except for budgeted items
        • Maintain a record of donations
        • Arrange for the weekly counting of church offerings


        • Ensure proper maintenance and improvement of the church property
        • Organize any non-capital construction projects approved by the Church Council
        • Set appropriate fees and approve use of church rooms by various organizations and outside community groups.
        • Be responsible for the safety and security of the church building and to inform the church board of any situations which may need attention
        • Be responsible for office equipment including computers and printers, audio visual equipment and the sanctuary sound equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Outreach / Social Action

        •Coordinate Mission education
        •organize for social action in the community
        •cooperate with social agencies to meet needs in the community
        •present moral and social issues to the congregation
        •promote funds for social and outreach needs as required
        •direct budgeted funds to outside organizations.

    Pastoral Care

        •Oversee and coordinate the pastoral care visitation program
        •develop a group of “church pastoral visitors” and ensure their proper training
        •meet regularly to assess the pastoral needs of the congregation and to recommend support if necessary
        •organize visits to “shut ins” on a regular basis
        •oversee the production of the Church Newsletter
        •coordinate funeral services


        This will be the responsibility of the entire Church Council and includes
        •Responsibility for the overall stewardship level of the pastoral charge so that its full financial potential may be realized
        •reviewing annually, the total financial objectives of the pastoral charge at the local, regional and national levels
        •interpreting to the pastoral charge why the funds are needed and how they would be expended
        •keeping the congregation informed of the wider work of the United Church through the Mission and Service Fund.
        •Organizing periodic visitations for stewardship purposes
        •Preparing an annual report for the pastoral charge.

    Presbytery Representatives

        2 required)

        •Represent the Emmanuel Congregation at the Hamilton Presbytery as voting delegates.
        •Be involved in the work of the Hamilton Presbytery
        •Communicate information from Hamilton Presbytery to the Church Council and to the Emmanuel Congregation when appropriate.

    Faith and Worship

        To oversee and address the needs for Faith Development Worship and Christian Development for the entire congregation. Some responsibilities would include:
        •To oversee the order of worship and celebration
        •arrange for communion and baptism service and their preparation
        •consider and approve baptisms and marriages
        •arrange for pulpit supply
        •supervise use of the Sanctuary
        •oversee sanctuary furnishings, memorials
        •recruit and schedule ushers, greeters, lay readers
        •oversee Evangelism; promote and recruit for church vocations
        •appoint a Music Committee
        •oversee the church school and nursery
        •promote youth oriented programs, adult education and leadership training
        •liaise with Scouting & Guiding programs
        •implement Confirmation Classes
        •maintain a church library.

    Nominating Committee

        •Prepare and present to the Annual Meeting a slate of names of people willing to serve on the Church Board Executive and as members of Standing Committees and Sub Committees.
        •Monitor any vacancies on the Church Council Executive, Standing Committees and Sub Committees and secure replacements, if necessary.
        •Monitor the effectiveness of the structure of the Church Council and bring forth recommendations to the Annual Meeting

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